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The Correct Installation Method of Cabinet Handles

1. Preliminary preparation

Before you start installing the cabinet handles, make sure you have prepared all the necessary tools and materials. At the same time, clean the cabinet surface and wipe it gently with a damp cloth to remove dust and dirt to provide a clean environment for the handle installation.

2. Measurement and marking

It is very important to accurately measure the hole distance required for the drawer handle, because inaccurate measurement may cause the cabinet handle to be installed loosely or in an inappropriate position. If the two hole distances are not level, the handle may tilt after installation, affecting the overall appearance.

3. Determine the best installation position

Determine the installation position of the handle, which usually needs to be determined according to the height and habits of the user. Positions that are too high or too low may affect the convenience of use. You can first determine a general position, and then try to pull it by hand to see if it meets personal habits. At the same time, the height of the cabinet door should also be considered. Generally speaking, cabinet handles are usually installed 1-2 inches from the lower edge of the cabinet door. If there is a reserved handle installation position on the cabinet door, the handle can be installed directly there.

4. Drilling

Drill holes using a drilling tool at the selected location. When drilling, be careful to control the force to avoid cracking the cabinet door due to excessive force. At the same time, make sure your eyes are protected to prevent wood chips or other debris from flying into your eyes.

5. Install the handle

Align the cabinet handle with the drilled hole, use a screwdriver to tighten the screws, and fix the handle firmly to the cabinet door. After the installation is completed, check whether the handle is firm again, and try to open the cabinet door to ensure that the position and angle of the handle meet the use requirements. If everything is normal, then the installation work is complete.

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