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Structure of Swing Handle Lock

Swing Handle Lock usually consists of several main components, including housing, lock cylinder, key, swing handle and lock body. The following is the structure of the crank lock:

Housing: The housing is the outer shell of the crank lock and is usually made of metal or plastic. Sometimes it can also be used to secure the entire locking mechanism to a door or box.

Lock cylinder: The lock cylinder usually consists of a series of lock handles and lock plates. In the design of the crank handle lock, the lock cylinder is generally located inside the shell and is used to control the opening and closing of the lock door.

Key: A key is used to open a toggle lock and usually has one or more gears shaped to fit the opening of the lock cylinder. Some crank locks can also use other opening methods such as passwords or electronic scanning devices.

Tremolo: The tremolo is a lever that is usually used to manually open the tremolo lock. In some toggle locks, the toggle may require a specific position or command to trigger the unlocking mechanism.

Lock body: The lock body is part of the locking device and is usually made of materials such as metal or plastic. The lock body is fixed on the door or box to maintain the locked state.

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