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Components of Cabinet Hinges

The cabinet hinge is a combination of steel plates and steel columns, and its parts are tightly connected by screws or rivets. The following are the four main components of the cabinet hinge:

1. Connecting piece (or door piece): This part is mainly connected to the door or lid of the cabinet, responsible for firmly fixing the door panel to the hinge system, also known as the door panel connecting part of the cabinet hinge.

2. Base piece (or frame piece): This part is connected to the door frame or box frame of the cabinet, which provides a stable connection between the hinge and the main structure of the cabinet, also known as the frame connecting part of the cabinet hinge.

3. Rotation axis: As the core component of the cabinet hinge, it connects the connecting piece and the base piece, so that the door panel can rotate and open and close around it.

4. Adjustment and locking device: This part of the cabinet hinge is used to control the opening and closing action of the cabinet door and keep it locked at a specific angle, ensuring that the cabinet door can remain stable when opened or closed, and also facilitates users to adjust the opening and closing angle of the door as needed.

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