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Damping hinges and self-resetting hinges - special functions of hinges

Today, I will introduce several types of Cabinet Hinge with special functions.

1. Damping hinge

A damping hinge is a type of hinge, also known as a hydraulic hinge. It relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door.

Even if you use force to close the door, it will close gently, ensuring perfect and quiet movement.

On this basis, it is divided into constant torque hinges and adjustable torque hinges.

1.1 Damping hinge-constant torque

A specific torque value is preset, and the user does not need to adjust it by himself.

1.2 Damping hinge-adjustable torque

The user can adjust the torque value by himself, and the door can be fixed at any angle within the specified range. The torque hinge has the ability to maintain its angle or position.

Adjustable torque hinges can improve the efficiency and operational safety of workers.

The hinge can fix the lid and the box, and workers can free their hands to do other work. Reduce the risk of sudden falling of the box cover and reduce the possibility of injury.

Adjustable torque hinges provide movement resistance through friction.

After adjusting the nut, moving the flap or cover will increase friction, thereby realizing its free stop function. This feature allows it to stop at any angle without any separate stoppers or additional components.

Torsion hinges are often used in equipment housings, display position adjustment parts, and lighting equipment. Here are a few examples of how they are often used in different industries to improve efficiency, convenience, ease of use, and reduce the possibility of injury.

2. Self-resetting hinges

Built-in spring function to achieve automatic rebound reset.

All hinges in the production process of Kaffee are subject to random inspection, and each process is subject to random inspection before flowing into the next process. All Cabinet Hinges are subject to full inspection in the last process of factory assembly. They are produced in our own factory with high-quality raw materials, sufficient materials, high quality, and provide customers with reliable products.

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