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Common Materials for Cabinet Handles

1. Stainless steel handles

Stainless steel handles, as a classic choice for cabinet handles, are highly praised for their durability, rust resistance and easy cleaning. Its surface processes are diverse, including smooth, matte, lines, mirrors and other effects, and the color selection is also quite rich, which can be easily integrated into kitchen designs of different styles. However, considering the cost brought by its high quality, the price of stainless steel handles is relatively high, and consumers need to consider their personal budget when purchasing.

2. Aluminum alloy handles

Aluminum alloy handles are popular because of their lightness, corrosion resistance and heat preservation. Through surface treatment processes such as anodizing and electrophoretic coating, aluminum alloy handles can show a variety of appearance effects while maintaining the characteristics of the material. In terms of price, aluminum alloy handles are relatively affordable and are a good choice for consumers with limited budgets.

3. Plastic handles

Plastic handles have a clear advantage in price, especially for those consumers who pursue economical and affordable. It is not only light and not easy to deform, but also easy to clean. However, compared with materials such as stainless steel and aluminum alloy, the durability of plastic handles is slightly inferior, and consumers need to pay more attention to long-term use.

4. Solid wood handles

Solid wood handles, with their environmentally friendly and natural characteristics, add a touch of warmth and texture to the kitchen. Their clear texture and warm touch can create a natural and comfortable atmosphere. However, the price of solid wood handles is relatively high, and consumers need to weigh it according to their personal budget and preferences when purchasing.

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