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M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge

M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge

M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge, made of zinc alloy, it offers strong load-bearing capacity and durability, and can be quickly and easily installed using a nut, making it suitable for doors and enclosures in a wide range of industrial and commercial environments

M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge, this hinge is secured with an M6 threaded stud, ensuring a secure fit, making it ideal for heavy doors and enclosures. Its solid construction guarantees durability and reliability, making it the perfect choice for environments that require a strong, stable hinge solution. Made of zinc alloy, it offers excellent corrosion and wear resistance, ensuring long life in harsh conditions while also offering high load capacity. The M6 threaded stud design allows for quick installation using a nut. Suitable for a wide range of doors and enclosures in industrial, commercial and residential environments.

Applications of M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge

Industrial Machinery Doors: Suitable for doors of various industrial machinery, capable of withstanding high loads and frequent operations.

Electrical Cabinets: Used in electrical control cabinets and distribution boxes, providing a stable hinge solution to ensure the safety and security of the doors.

Industrial Automation Equipment: Applied in automation production line equipment and control boxes, ensuring smooth opening and closing of equipment doors.

Commercial Building Doors: Ideal for doors in malls, office buildings, and public facilities, offering high strength and durability.

Communication Equipment Cabinets: Used in communication cabinets and server racks, ensuring the security and easy maintenance of internal equipment.

Display Cabinets: Suitable for store display cabinets and showcase boxes, providing an aesthetic and functional hinge solution.

Product Parameter(Specification)

Product name: M6 Threaded Stud Door Butt Hinge
Material: Zinc alloy
Model: 226-2A
Finish: Black powder coated / Bright chrome plated

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