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Flat With Panel Swing handle Lock

Flat With Panel Swing handle Lock

Our company specializes in the production and sales of Flat With Panel Swing Handle Locks. Our product series includes lock, hinge, handle and other accessories, using various enclosure and electrical cabinets. This lock is suitable for small shells, easy to install, flat design, keyless unlock, convenient and fast.

Yueqing Cofiy Hardware Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer 717-2 Flat With Panel Swing Handle Locks,The product has a simple structure, is easy to install and maintain, has good airtightness, and is suitable for some small cabinets, measuring boxes, and distribution boxes. The flat design of the product can better fit the cabinet and facilitate its transportation. At the same time, this handle lock does not come with a lock cylinder and can be unlocked without a key, as well as left and right opening, flat design, perfectly fitting the cabinet body

Applications of Flat With Panel Swing Handle Locks

Industrial Enclosures: These locks are often used in industrial enclosures such as electrical cabinets, control panels, and equipment enclosures to secure valuable equipment and prevent unauthorized access.

Energy Sector: Within the energy sector, including power plants, substations, and renewable energy facilities, these locks are utilized to secure control panels, electrical cabinets, and distribution enclosures.

Commercial Buildings: These locks may also be found in commercial buildings, such as office complexes, retail stores, and hotels, where they are used to secure utility closets, storage rooms, and maintenance enclosures.

Product Parameter(Specification)

Product name: Flat With Panel Swing Handle Locks
Material: Zinc Alloy housing and handle, M.S. Zinc Plated Cam
IP Level: IP54
Model: 717-2
Finish: black Powder Coated / Silver Spray Painted
RH / LH application is achieved by adjustable cam
90° closing rotation.
Cut Out: 23*90.5mm

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